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super_stues's Journal

Super Stues. We bring the kryptonite, You bring th
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Origional Super Hero Sporking
Superheroes. We love em. Bright costumes, Tight tights, Bulging muscles. Black and white morality! Its all good, right?
Well no. Sometimes when you're out on the beat in your favourite MMO, or checking the Pit of shrews (ff.net) or even picking up the latest comic book from the news stand, a character might stand out in his or her own, special awfulness. A Jungle Prince in a tree house who is also a super scientist with a shatteringly hot alien girlfriend. Superman's older brother, the one who eats kryptonite krispies for breakfast and bangs Supergirl, despite being her cousin. Who knows you might even have been mind seared by an ambiguously gay mutant with a boxing mask and swords and a kewl scar.

Fear not good citizens! Super Stues is here to help.
Bring us your supergarry's and wondermary's, and we will subject them to merciless mocking based on the manifest of Super Horrid

1) Exists within an existing world but doesn't match the cannon, or is
otherwise inappropriate (Logan's long lost catgirl sister).

2) Grossly overpowered, god-mode powers, lack of weaknesses. (Superman,
for example, has well-defined weaknesses. Someone with the same powers
and no weaknesses would count)

3) Lack of originality characters (Johan Flagg, aka Captain Pretension the fighting patriot, Sole survivor of the super solder serum program)

4) Over-wrought beyond the norm backsotries; general toad-elevating,
clear signs the creator is way to in love with their character. (Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen)

5) General incoherence and loopiness (Foul ole Ron)