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Getting the ball rolling
rantinan wrote in super_stues
Coming from the depths of the superfannon wikia, its Captain Omega!
Captain (gee that rank is familiar isn't it?) Omega is one of two survivors (mabye) from "Project: Omega-Humans. By given him the Omega Serum he would turn into what they call a Omega-Human, able to become the next stage in evolution"

gee that seems familiar too doesn't it.
So far we're not even through the first paragraph and we're already unorigional. Within the rambling tripe that is "Drake Roberts" biography, we see shades of Cable's time travelling, his arch nemesis the Red skull oops I mean Dr Skeleton, and of course, a twist on everyone's epic favourite, not just the missus, but the whole family stuffed in the fridge.
Hitting all the bad spots, I have to declare this one of the most derivative, incoherent works on that wiki, and this is saying a lot


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