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The rules!
rantinan wrote in super_stues
1) Don't hate the player, hate the character. Speculation about a writer's psychological motivations might be hilarious, but its also mean spirited. Try and keep it character related at all times.
The exemption to this rule is Cannon Stues. If it's published in mainstream media, go hog wild.

2) Let us know where your target has come from. What's reasonable in the DC universe might be entirely inappropriate in City of Heroes. If you have a lore crushing menace from beyond time, relevant wiki or TV-Tropes links will be welcomed with open arms.

3) We love arch rivalries, but we are not your personal army. Keep what happens on the community in the community. Don't deface other people's wikicrap, no matter how bad, and please don't go trolling awful role players in MMO's based on what you see here.

4) Unhappy that your work was featured here? Ask politely, and the offending article will be removed. Complain up a storm and the post is liable to be preserved for all time.

5) Worried your super hero might be a super annoying, super cheesy stu? No problems, just ask. Be nice to people who dob themselves in.


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