Super Stues. We bring the kryptonite, You bring th

On Super Sues
One thing that has puzzled me is the definition of the term “Mary Sue” in terms of the Superhero Genre. It’s a hard one to nail down; a lot of what would be classically considered Mary Sue traits are stock part in parcel of the genre and either wouldn’t apply or, alternatively, could be just as readily applied to canon characters. However, after some thought, I felt that there were certainly traits that could be considered unquestionably Sue within the genre.

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Getting the ball rolling
Coming from the depths of the superfannon wikia, its Captain Omega!
Captain (gee that rank is familiar isn't it?) Omega is one of two survivors (mabye) from "Project: Omega-Humans. By given him the Omega Serum he would turn into what they call a Omega-Human, able to become the next stage in evolution"

gee that seems familiar too doesn't it.
So far we're not even through the first paragraph and we're already unorigional. Within the rambling tripe that is "Drake Roberts" biography, we see shades of Cable's time travelling, his arch nemesis the Red skull oops I mean Dr Skeleton, and of course, a twist on everyone's epic favourite, not just the missus, but the whole family stuffed in the fridge.
Hitting all the bad spots, I have to declare this one of the most derivative, incoherent works on that wiki, and this is saying a lot

The rules!
1) Don't hate the player, hate the character. Speculation about a writer's psychological motivations might be hilarious, but its also mean spirited. Try and keep it character related at all times.
The exemption to this rule is Cannon Stues. If it's published in mainstream media, go hog wild.

2) Let us know where your target has come from. What's reasonable in the DC universe might be entirely inappropriate in City of Heroes. If you have a lore crushing menace from beyond time, relevant wiki or TV-Tropes links will be welcomed with open arms.

3) We love arch rivalries, but we are not your personal army. Keep what happens on the community in the community. Don't deface other people's wikicrap, no matter how bad, and please don't go trolling awful role players in MMO's based on what you see here.

4) Unhappy that your work was featured here? Ask politely, and the offending article will be removed. Complain up a storm and the post is liable to be preserved for all time.

5) Worried your super hero might be a super annoying, super cheesy stu? No problems, just ask. Be nice to people who dob themselves in.


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